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Making Your Website Look Professional

Far too often, people put up a website, sit back and wait for offers and money to start rolling in. Others invest a ton of money into advertising before truly learning the ins and outs of website development.

What many of these internet entrepreneurs fail to understand is that cultivating a web presence is only half of the battle.

  • 2 Jul 2017

Diagnosing Bad Computer Memory

Sometimes when your computer starts acting "funny" it can be a sign the memory is damaged. The good news is memory for computer systems is inexpensive and easy to replace.

Why Does Memory Fail?

When compared to other components, memory for computer systems has a very low failure rate.

  • 18 Jul 2017
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5 Jul 2017
Posted By Lydia I.

Laptop or Desktop, Which one is Better

This is an age old question that doesn't necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Both laptop and desktop computers can be better than the other depending on the given situation and the individual needs of the person using each respective machine, but let's go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of each and try and draw some conclusion from this debate.
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